Meet your Artists

Welsy Mourino


Welsy started her apprenticeship in 2008 and was extremely lucky to learn under 15 mentors during her education as a stylist. In 2018 Welsy started to focus on becoming a hair loss specialist and started her journey with Natural Beaded Row.


“Being a hairstylist is my love and passion. I’ve landed great jobs working with hair in fashion shows, weddings, magazines, being an educator and salon boutiques. I love the personal experiences I gain in the salon atmosphere where I can help women choose the best style and hair color for their face shape and skin tone. While showing them they can have their desired dream hair with hair extensions and guiding them in the best styling techniques that will work for their lifestyle. I enjoy making my clients look as lovely on the outside as they are on the inside.”


Welsy is currently a certified Natural Beaded Row’s artist. She loves transforming a client's overall look and styling all different hair textures. She’s accepting new hair extension clientele.

Sam Dingmon

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Sam found her passion for hair in the world of YouTube. She attended school a few towns over from where she lived. So her friends lived far away and she found herself with a lot of free time on her hands–the perfect recipe for a young girl with an internet connection & a Conair curling iron.

Since joining the ELLE Style Studio family as an apprentice, Sam has learned that being a good stylist means much more than just being skilled with shears and color theory. “I’m very lucky to work alongside very talented women who make it their mission every day to make the world feel more beautiful.”

Sam is a Boston native who’s been in Richmond for 6 years now. In her free time, she loves reading, shopping, and eating/drinking her way through the city with friends.

Christy Evans

From a young age, Christy has always loved playing with and coloring her own hair. She relished any opportunity to try new and edgy things with her own personal look. Then, at 30 years old, Christy applied for a salon apprenticeship and began almost immediately. She worked in that position for about 7 years, while learning from many wonderful and talented artists. Christy then took a break for a few years and is now back and ready to learn as much as she can to be the best stylist possible.

Christy's main career goal is to be certified in Natural Beaded Rows. "I would love to work with clients who have hair disorders with the hopes of getting them to a place with their hair that makes them feel nothing less than amazing!!" Beyond NBR, Christy also enjoys doing color services and makeup.

Leilani Gray

Leilani was first inspired to become a hairstylist because she wanted to learn how to grow hair longer, stronger, and healthier, for her own benefit and yours! Over the years, Leilani has grown to love doing makeup almost as much as hair; something which makes her even happier. When you come in for your appointment, Leilani will always start off by asking you open-ended questions so that she can craft a vision for your new look. She thinks that there is nothing more exciting than seeing you stand confidently taller, loving what you see in the mirror.

Leilani is an Android techie who also loves binge-watching comedy shows on Hulu. So during your visits, you can absolutely count on her to bring out the humor in every conversation. Although she is working to improve her health this year with Weight Watchers, that does not mean that her relationship with ice cream has changed... She's still holding onto that for now! In her free time, she also listens to podcasts, takes notes from classes, and learns about the latest industry techniques. Leilani's current goal for the near future is to refine her bridal, blonding, and cutting skills, while learning some new skills too!

Chief Marketing Operator

Savannah Fersner

After completing her Bachelor's degree in English Literature at James Madison University, Savannah spent her first years out of college as a teacher. Looking to shake things up a bit, she and her partner Emmett lived abroad in New Zealand and Australia for two years. While abroad, she entered the hospitality industry and developed a strong knack for organizational and administrative skills.


Always having been inclined to be creative, Savannah also began offering her services in Social Media Marketing management during this time. After returning stateside and settling in Richmond, she began working with Welsy & the Elle Style Team first as a receptionist before transitioning into her current position as Chief Marketing Operator.